A Pundit And His Clothes

A Pundit And His Clothes storyLong time ago, there was a Village called Hastinapur. There were lots of rich peoples used to live there. The life going was very smooth for peoples leaving in Hastinapur except few who were not that lucky, like a Pundit, who was a poor guy.

Indeed, Pundit had rich knowledge of all Vedas and astrology, but he was very unlucky to optimize his skills into a good lifestyle. Perhaps, his outlook was very petty wearing ripped clothes. He even passed by many days without having a bit of food. Yet, being a genuine pundit, he used to ask for alms only from five homes per day, and whatever he got from five homes was his food of the day.

One day, he was out for his usual five homes where he could ask some alms. He knocked the door of first home and asked, “Can you please offer me some alms?” A woman opened the door, and looking at Pundit’s torn clothes and dirty view, she immediately yelled, “ No! Go away we don’t have any food for you.” Pundit went to next home and asked the same question. He again threw out by the second housemate for his bad personality. Perhaps, he tried all five houses but could not get even a bit for him.

That night he slept with empty stomach. Next day, his old friend came to him for a Hawan at his home, and asked pundit to come to his home do all the spiritual work. Pundit went there and did everything required; in return, his friend offered him new clothes and food, which were gladly accepted by the pundit.

Next day, weaning new clothes, Pundit again visited the first home who thrown him a day before, and again asked, “Can you please offer me some alms?” Looking at pundit’s new clothes, woman polity asked him to come inside the home and offered him a seat.

Then woman and his husband politely offered him delicious foods. Pundit was surprised to see the sudden change in woman’s attitude, but looking at his new clothes; he instantly came to know the reason of his exceedingly over welcome by the family. Pundit picked up the food and start feeding his clothes saying, “Eat…eat dear.” Woman surprised and asked pundit why he is doing so.

Pundit replied, “It’s my clothes who allowed me to have food not me, so I’m feeding my clothes rather myself.” Family completely embarrassed by their behavior, and deeply regretted for their behavior.

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