Doll – Part Two

DollDoll – Part Two


Isha had her eyes shut tight in irritation.  Her friend was possibly the densest person on earth.  Couldn’t Harshita see that she was only doing what was best for her?  Couldn’t she see that he was bad for her?  Couldn’t she see?!


“Did he say anything – ”


Isha cut her off, not wanting to tolerate her friend’s dithering resolve.


“Oh dear, dear, Harshita.  It doesn’t matter anymore.  You’re finally free of that man!  We already talked about this, remember?”


She watched as the girl, clad in a white knee-length dress and a purple camisole, bit her lower lip and clenched her suitcase tighter.  She had her head bowed, but after a while, she looked up, her thin brows knit together in determination and said, “Yes, yes we did talk about it.  And I’m leaving my bab – Javed.  He can cook his own meals, for all I care.”


She could really be cute sometimes, daffy and a bit dense, but still cute.  Isha thought as she smiled fondly at her friend.  She had a good feeling that things were going to be okay from now on.  Oh, she was pretty sure that Javed wouldn’t be taking this lying down.  But then again, the sooner she could send Harshita off to another city, the harder it would be for Javed to make a move.  Oh yes, there was hope.


“Great.  Now, run off now, Harshita, I’ll visit you next week.  You’ll be bunking in with Aisha for a while, okay?  You got her address?”


“Yeah”, Harshita said sheepishly before giving her friend a small hug, “you’re a great friend, Isha, the greatest.”


“Yeah, yeah.  Now go on.  Bye Harshita.  Take care!”


“Bye, Isha.  Thanks again!”  Harshita waved before turning away and bounding off to the train.  Isha was about to breathe a sigh of relief when suddenly, someone very rude bumped into her, zooming past her and towards the train.


She was just about to grumble about rude passengers who should learn to come to the station on time when –




The said girl whirled around, a flurry of white and purple, trying to locate where the voice had come from.  Before she could find the one who called her, however, she was enveloped in crushing hug.


Isha could hear murmured statements of ‘don’t leave me’ and ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m sorry’ from Javed and some muffled sobbing from Harshita.  They were back together again, and she couldn’t help but curse Javed’s vileness and Harshita’s stupidity.


But really, there was nothing she could do but seethe and lament the world’s shortage of sanity.


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