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Parents Know Best

Parents Know Best


It had been raining incessantly since this morning.  Abi absentmindedly watched as the raindrops slowly trickled down her bedroom window.  She hasn’t been sleeping well at night ever since her parents told her that they have already planned her betrothal to the son of their long-time friends.


Suthan had been away for a long time.  He went to America to study when he was just a young boy.  Twenty years later, he decides to come back home.  It would have been all right if only her parents hadn’t insisted that she marry him!  Now, all she could think of was how much she hated him.


“We are living in the 21st century!  You would think that people would be free to choose whomever they want to marry!”  Abi frustrated whispered to no one in particular.


She had always been a good daughter.  She obeyed her parents, did everything they asked her to.  She even went to the university they picked for her!  But to marry her off to a complete stranger?  This is the rest of her life they’re talking about!


It’s not that she had a boyfriend, and she was happily in love with him.  But she does want to know how it feels to be in love.  She wants to experience the butterflies in the stomach and the sweaty palms whenever he’s around.  She wants the whole fairy tale – the happily ever after ending.  She realizes now that she may never have the anymore, thanks to her parents and a guy named Suthan.


Abi sighed and continued watching the rain from her window.  Tonight, Suthan and his parents are coming over to formally ask for her hand in marriage.  Tonight, they will hand her over to a man who will be more like a prison guard than a good, loving husband.  Tonight will mark the beginning of the end of her life.


Evening finally came and Abi had no choice but to go down to meet the man she was to marry next month.  As she was going down the stairs, she caught a glimpse of a handsome young man with eyes as bright as the stars.


As he rose to greet her, she saw that he was tall and well-built.  She felt the butterflies in her stomach and her palms started to sweat.


“Hi, Abi.  I am Suthan.  I’m very happy to meet you.”  He said as he softly kissed the back of her hand.


Abi realized that, truly, parents know best.

  1. 2 Responses to “Parents Know Best”

  2. looks alone does not determine a person..
    can look alone from a guy can determine that he’ll be a loving husband like what abhi wanted…
    they have just met.. never spoken anything.. how can abhi say that ‘parents made the rite choice’….

    By emily on Dec 13, 2010

  3. Parents Know Best

    Parents choice, foregin groom, one month to marry, butterfly…. bla bla bla. Dont know if it was a true story. But I personally know 3 incidents were the butterfiles turn out to be nightmares.

    1.My dadz best friends : son is an alcohol addict with unmanagable anger. US settled parents wanted to correct him. Masked all their secrets and got him married to my only sister. She had to returned back to India within 2 weeks with a fractured arm and bruses on her face. I’m greatful shez alive.

    2. groom’s and bride’s family were close friends : groom already married & divorced with a 2.5yr old son. the groom’s family kept it a secret. the bride came to know about it 10 weeks after her marriage while she was in US. now the ball is in her coat. if she prefers to continue her married life she had to accept & raise her step son too, which she eventually did.

    3. relatives: The groom was dating a white women and broke off with her. the parents too were against it. they came to india got their son married to my friend, went back to US, son got back with his girlfriend and sent divorce notice to my friend who had recently delivery a beautiful baby girls.

    Its not wrong to go by your parents choice. But girls should have plenty of time to know more about their would-be. When things go wrong, our parents weep more than us.

    By sk on Feb 21, 2011

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