Two Cats And A Monkey

Two Cats and a MonkeyLong ago, two cats were used to live in a jungle. They both were best friends to each other for long; perhaps they used to share their personal belongings with each other. They were so closed to each other that they often went on a long walk keeping their hands together to share a deep proximity between them.

Jungle was full of creatures, and lots of gatherings used to be taken place there every now and then. One day, a function was organized by Lion where he invited everyone living in the jungle, including two cats and their rival: Monkey. Everyone enjoyed their get together in lion’s party, which supposed to be the biggest bash in the jungle. With lots of fruits, sweets, and cakes, everyone enjoyed the whole night in full swing. Two cats, somehow, could not reach to the party on time, so they lost most of the good things, like nice food, fresh fruits, and lots of sweets.

Anyway, they were still satisfied with what they got there, i.e., a decent gathering of all the animals living nearby. A Monkey, the only rival of both cats, was there in the party from beginning so he enjoyed the party’s best food alongwith super chilled drinks!

Whole night passed by until 4 in the morning when all the animals started leaving lion’s home to their residences. Cats also left the place but in not so happy mood, coz of not getting what they could have there. Anyways, they both were hungry and walking to their home when they saw a piece of cake laid there. Since both of them were hungry, one of them quickly picked up the cake and kept with him. Fellow cat asked her to give the cake to him coz it was she who saw the cake first. But, soon they started fighting for the possession of the cake. It was one of the lifetime moments for them when they were fighting for something, and it was caused by the deep hunger both of them had.

Monkey, their sole rival, was passing nearby and saw both cats fighting each other. He cheered to see his rival’s fighting. He suddenly came up with an idea, and went to the cats and asked them politely, “What happened dear?” Cats told him about the cake and how they should share it.

Money told them he could share the cake equally among them if they agreed. Cats agreed, and monkey started dividing the cake into two parts. Parting into two pieces he deliberately shouted, “Oh! One is bigger,” and he ate some part of the bigger piece. He did the same with another piece, and eventually munched the whole cake leaving nothing for cats.

Cats realized their mistake and said sorry to each other.

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