Brothers ( Tamil Short Story )



Mathan and Mohan are not real brothers.  But they love each other like true brothers.  They grew up together and did everything together.  In school, they would always look out for one another.  If someone bullied the other, one would always come to the rescue.


Growing up, they helped each other through the difficult stages of puberty.  They were inseparable.  They always had each other’s backs.  In fact, in their village, they are often called twin brothers because of the way they stuck together through thick and thin.  If Mathan would be walking alone, villagers will readily inquire about Mohan and vice versa.


It happened one day that they saw a beautiful young woman walking by herself.  Upon inquiry, they found out that her name was Kavitha and that she has just moved to the village with her parents.  She was about the same age they were, all of 18 years.


Both boys liked Kavitha, but they kept their feelings hidden from one another.  It would seem that this is the first time they ever kept anything from each other.  They didn’t know why they kept it hidden, perhaps it’s because this is the first time they ever liked a girl, and this is all new to them.


Eventually though, Mohan told Mathan that he liked Kavitha.  He even asked for Mathan’s help in courting the girl.  Mathan, stunned, could only nod in agreement to his friend’s request.


Mathan would bring flowers and letters to Kavitha for his friend Mohan.  He would tell her that his friend was too shy to approach her personally.  While this was going on, Mathan grew to love Kavitha more and more.  He was beginning to feel that she felt the same way.


When he did find out that it was him Kavitha wanted, he had mixed feelings.  He didn’t know if he was going to be happy or sad.


“I love you, Kavitha.  But I can’t hurt my friend who is like a brother to me.”  Mathan sadly told her.


“What shall we do then?  Ignore our feelings for the sake of your friendship?”  She hurtfully asked him.


That night, they did promise to love one another forever but only in secrecy.  They will never be together because Mohan is just too dear to Mathan.  Mathan never found out that the reason why Mohan never married was because of his love for Kavitha.


Mathan, too, never married because Kavitha didn’t accept his hand, and he never fell in love with another woman.  Kavitha also remained single loving the man she can never have.


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