Friends and Adversaries

Friends and Adversaries


For as long as she can remember Abirami and Karthika have never gotten along.  They were neighbors and schoolmates, but they completely ignored one another whenever they would bump into each other in the streets or in school.


Karthika was a beautiful girl with long black and silky hair.  She was the most popular girl in school.  Girls in school envied her good looks and the way the boys admired her.  She was also popular among teachers because she always got good grades.  She joined decathlons and always won.


Abirami, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Karthika when it came to her popularity status.  Although Abirami was also a pretty girl, she wasn’t as stunning as Karthika.  She also got good grades, but Karthika’s were always higher.  This is why she resented Karthika.


It didn’t help that their families were friends, being neighbors and all.  Their parents knew that their girls weren’t as close as they had hoped, but they didn’t know that there is animosity between the two girls.


However, this would change one afternoon in school.  It was already late and most everyone had gone home already.  Abirami forgot about the time and didn’t realize that it was already starting to get dark.  She had spent hours in the library researching for a project.


As she was walking down the hall, she heard a noise from one of the rooms.  She silently went to the window to see what the commotion was, and to her horror, she saw Karthika struggling in the arms of one boy.  She was begging him to stop kissing her and to please let her go.


Without hesitation, Abirami barged into the room and hit the boy with her books.  She kept hitting him and hitting him while shouting for help.  This scared the boy and he ran off.


“Are you okay?”  Abirami asked Karthika as she took the shaken girl’s hand in hers.


“Thank you.”  She said, sobbing.


“We were just talking.  I really liked him but then he started kissing me and I got scared.”


“We must tell our teacher about him tomorrow.”  Abirami angrily said.


“No, please.  It will ruin my reputation.”


Understanding what she meant, Abirami agreed to keep quiet about the whole incident but insisted that, from now on, they will go to school and walk home together just to be on the safe side.


That afternoon, tragedy brought two adversaries together and forged a beautiful friendship between them.

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