Money and Piece

Indian MoneyLong time ago, two friends lived together in a village named: Beeru. Both friends were known to each other since long; hence they were very close to each other. Incidentally, both of them were very poor and unemployed, and so, they used to search for a suitable job for each of them.

One day, one of them named: Raju found a good job that pays him a handsome salary along with other perks. While other friend named: Rajesh remained where it was. Raju joined his job and gradually improved his lifestyle.

Overwhelming money slowly took him away from Rajesh, who was once his closest friend. Rajesh, still, could find a descent work, hence did whatever he gets to live his life. He even stopped meeting Raju coz of his growing status and money power, which departed two close friends.

As Raju was growing day by day, he is also getting the victim of over possessiveness about his money; perhaps, he started being too much concerned for his wealth and often afraid of losing it. His wealth became so important for him that he could not even sleep in the night coz of his distress about his wealth.

On the other hand, Rajesh was living his lifestyle comfortably, though he was lacking the money and wealth. One day, Raju decided to give away a descent part of his wealth to Rajesh, so he went to Rajesh and gave him a bag full of money, and told him, “You’re my best friend, and I can’t see you in a dearth, so please accept a gift from my side and change your lifestyle.” Rajesh surprised but accepted the money and used it for his well growing.

Rajesh noticed a considerable change in his life after getting money, coz he started feeling too many phobias for his money, perhaps, he stopped sleeping the whole night in fear of losing his money as Raju used to have.

He realized the fact that he is becoming possessive to his money, and so, he decided to return money back to his friend Raju. He went to Raju and said, “My friend thanks for your concerns about my dearth, but I can’t keep your money coz it is taking away my jollity and easygoing lifestyle.” He also said, “You did not take care of me when you were growing; now why you start thinking about me? Is this the reason? You also want me to have a sleepless night? No, my friend we’re better as a stranger.” And he left. Raju then realized what he had lost in return of his wealth.

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