Monkey And The Crocodile

Long time ago, a Monkey named: Raja was used to live on a mango tree. His place of residence a.k.a. tree was near by a lake that was full of crocodiles. Raja’s tree was full of sweet mangos; hence it often used to attract lots of species in the hope of some falling mangos in the rainy season.

Monkey and the Crocodile storiesOne day, monkey was eating some mangos when a crocodile came there. Money ate the mango and threw its residues near his tree, which was then eaten by the crocodile. Tasting the sweetness of mangos, crocodile was highly allured and beloved with the kind of sweetness those mangos had.

Crocodile kept coming nearby mango tree everyday in the hope of more mango residues. One day, Raja himself threw some fresh mangos to crocodile, which were highly liked by the crocodile and gradually both of them became close friends. As time continued, crocodile started coming everyday and Raja kept offering him fresh mangos.

One day, crocodile asked Raja some extra mangos for his wife; Raja agreed, and gave him extra mangos. Crocodile took those mangos to his wife; his wife too was thoroughly impressed with the sweetness those mangos had. She cleverly thought if mangos were so sweet; how much sweet would be in the heart of that monkey who uses to eat these mangos every day.

She asked her husband to bring his friend Raja on a dinner some day. Crocodile predicted her wicked intentions and refused to deceive his friend in such a way, but his wife insisted and even warn him not to come back till he is accompanied by his friend Raja.

Crocodile found himself into dilemma and finally decided to make his wife happy by carrying his friend at home. He went to the tree and requested Raja to come with him to his home as his wife wanted to meet him. Raja agreed, and they started their journey to home. Raja sat on crocodile’s back and they moved onto the lake. In between of the lake, crocodile went deep into the water to kill Raja. When raja asked him why he is doing so, crocodile told him that his wife actually wanted to swallow his heart for its sweetness.

Raja got stunned and told crocodile that he left his heart on the tree, and they would have to return to the tree, so he can bring his heart with him. Crocodile brought him back on the tree, and Raja jumped on the tree telling crocodile to be a fool animal who has no sense to identify his friends and enemies. It was since the end of sweet mangos for crocodile. Moral of the story: Mind is always above strength! 

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