Sand and Stone

Sand and Stone Short StoriesShort Story Sand and Stone 

Two best friends were walking on a desert in search of some water, and a shadowed place to take the rest. At one place, they found some water, but that was too little for both of them, and, eventually, their start fighting with each other for a larger share out of tiny found water.


During the fight, one friend stroked on the face of other, perhaps, second one was so badly wounded on the face that blood started flowing. Injured friend covered his wounds with some dry sand, and they again started walking for a bigger water source. Meantime, injured man wrote on the sand, “Today My Best Friend made me injured – badly.”


Second friend could not understand why first one is writing those words. Anyhow, they both started their journey again until they found some place to rest, and after some time, they found a decent shadowed place to rest and to have some food.


They started to hunt down some food for themselves, and during their food’s hunt, the friend, who had badly been injured in earlier fight, got stuck in a deep mud. He loudly called for help, and another friend quickly jumped to him and saved his life with a long and strong stick. Survived friend deeply thanked him and wrote again, but this time on a solid rock with an unerasable hard marker, “Today My Best Friend Saved My Life.”


The friend, who saved his life, confusingly asked him, “My friend when I first hit you critically; you wrote on the sand that I made you injured, and now you wrote your thanks giving a statement on a Rock.” Why? Second one politely replied, “when you hit me, it was your bad behavior, which is easily forgettable to me, and so; I wrote on the sand. While the second time, when you saved my life, was a true life savior moment for me which is unforgettable; hence I wrote that on a solid stone, so I can never forget it.”


Our life also moves on the same path where we should take lightly all the tiny things happening in our life, however, if someone has done something good for you, you should remain oblige to him for the rest of your life. So, the moral of the story: “Never forget someone’s act of grace and leave behind the foul plays you have been given through anyone.”

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