The Four Friends

The Four Friends StoryThe Four Friends

Long time ago, there was a place called Janakdham, which used to be lived by numerous families. The main source of livelihood in Janakdham was agriculture; perhaps, it was only source of food there. Four friends were extremely popular in Janakdham village, out of them, three were well educated and clever while fourth one was a straightforward person who used to follow the practical approaches.


Once, the village was hit by a long draught, perhaps, outcomes of drought were so apparent that it brought a massive food shortage in the whole village. Families started their migration to a better place where they can have a better chance of living. Four friends also decided to leave the place for a better living. They decided to migrate to a nearby village where agriculture was flourishing and had lots of water sources. The only problem was the route to that place that passed by the forest, which was full of lions. Yet, they decided to follow the forest route to reach the nearby village earlier.


Three of the friends have supernatural powers to do magic; perhaps, they were proficient with their blessed powers. When they were passing the forest, they saw lion’s bones were spreading here and there. One of then quickly collected all the bones at one place, and made a lion skeleton joining all the bones in required order. Second friend used his powers and converted lion’s skeleton into lion’s body by putting lions muscles, hairs, and teethes.


When third friend was planning to put breathing powers in lion, fourth friend: the practical one, warned them not to do so as it could cost them their lives. But third friend didn’t listen to him. Before third friend could put life into the lion, fourth friend climbed onto a tree to safe himself. Foolish third friend used his blessed powers and gave lion’s body a new life. Once lion came into existence; he immediately killed all three friends. Three friends exaggeration cost them their life. However, fourth one was safe coz he was on the tree!


The practical approach followed by fourth friend overshadowed three friends intelligence, which actually saved his life. So, in our real life too, we should practically supplement our knowledge to come up with overall gradual skills, otherwise we might hang up with some unsolicited consequences! Always remember a practically skilled person is always better than a skilled person without any practical experience of life. 

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