Love and Time

Love and Time


Love and Time Story

One upon a time, an island was full of feelings, i.e., all feelings were used to live there, including happiness, knowledge, joy, vanity, sadness, and love among others. They all were living there for long without any conflict of interest between them.


One day, a powerful storm was scheduled to hit the island whereby island could have sunk completely. So, it was decided to leave the island as soon as possible. All feelings started their rescue work and prepared boats for themselves, and eventually began leaving the island for some safer place, except love.


Love was the only feeling who decided to stay there until the last moment of his life. When storm hit the island, it started sinking rapidly, and a moment came when love was almost hopeless to remain alive; hence he decided to ask for help.


He called his coming by moving boat, which was very large to accommodate him, as well. The large boat belonged to Rich. Love asked rich, “Can you please take me on the boat?” Rich replied, “ No! No way, I’ve tons of gold on the boat so, there is no place for you.” And he passed off.


Then another boat came by that was occupied by vanity. Love asked vanity, “can you take me with you?” Vanity aesthetically replied,” No! You’re not aesthetic, so you’ll spread lots of grime on the boat,” and he also passed by. Love felt terribly bleak for his life, yet he kept asking every passing boat for help, but no body incited to help him for various reasons.


Then, love saw some senior feelings were passing by, and he again asked all of them if any of them could help him for the sake of his life, and fortunately, one of the boats picked him up and love survived.


Once they reached on a safer place, love decided to find out who, actually, saved his life, and his closed boat’s owner: knowledge, replied to him, “Time saved you, coz he is the only one who could understand the importance of love in life.” Love highly obliged and happily lived after with time.


The story tells us a valuable lesson of life that no one can understand how worthy love is in our life. Only time can tell us what we were missing in our moneyed days of life. So, be a lovely person – always!

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