By the Lake ( Tamil Short Story )

By the Lake


Down by the lake, Kanthan told Kavitha that he loved her.  The lake was their favorite spot, and they had spent many afternoons there under the shade of the tree just sharing their hopes and dreams.


She was fifteen then, and he was seventeen.  They had many hopes for the future, and they whispered promises of love to one another.  Kavitha knew that Kanthan had to leave one day to work in the city.  He said that he will do it to save for their future because he wants to be able to take care of her and the children they will have someday.


Although they were both sad about this, they knew that they had to separate for a while to prepare for their life together.  On their last night together, down by the lake, Kanthan asked her to marry him.  He made her promise to wait for him until he comes back and they can get married.


Being so in love with him, she gave her promise to wait for him.


For months, they exchanged letters.  Each one contained their promise of undying love for one another.  Although the separation was painful and hard for them, they both endured the sacrifice because they knew that once they get married, no one can ever separate them again.


“Meet me by the lake a fortnight from today.”  Kanthan’s last letter said.  “I will be coming home, and we can be together at last.”


Kavitha could hardly contain her happiness upon receiving this last letter.  She couldn’t believe that, after two years of being apart, her lover is finally coming home to her!  In two weeks’ time, she will be in Kanthan’s arms once more.


On the day that she was to meet Kanthan, she carefully chose the dress that she was going to wear.  She washed her hair twice to make sure that she smelled nice for him.  She prepared a small picnic for them, sure that they will be spending hours by the lake just catching up and cuddling.


But evening fell and no Kanthan came.  She waited and waited for him until she was so exhausted that she fell asleep.


Meanwhile in her house, Kanthan’s parents came to tell them that he had met an accident on his way to her.  Kavitha, waiting by the lake, didn’t know that her lover will never be meeting her in their favorite spot anymore.

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