Dreams can come true!

dreams-come-true-dreamIn a small beautiful village lived a girl name Shruthi. She was a beautiful girl with stunning features. Her eyes were the shape of a fish, her fair skin and her beautiful long thick black hair shined in the sun.


            She was born in a poor family, her mum died when she was young, her father was a tailor and she had 2 younger brothers. So Shuruthi had to cook, clean and take her brothers to school. Her father wanted shruthi’s little brothers to study hard and become a doctors, but he did not have any hopes for Shuruthi as he felt she was just a common girl who should learn to be a good wife and mother as all girls should do.

          However Shuruthi had always dreamt of becoming a writer and when she finished her duties and sent her brothers to school, she goes to the river near her house and sits there, writing stories. Her brothers had taught her to read and write and when they are at school she uses their book to develop her writing.

          One day, she was at the river writing stories and lost track of time.

When she finally went home, her father was waiting for her. Her dad shouted at her and accused her of many things a father should not say to his daughter. Shruthi was hurt and went sleep crying.

          Next day her father announced that she will be marrying a rich young man. She begged her father not to do this. She told him that she had dreams to accomplish and there no room for a husband in her life right now. Her father just mocked her and said that a girl’s dream is to be a good wife and a mother and they are not good for anything else.

          What shruthi did not know is that this young rich man who she was supposed to marry had followed her for months to the river so he can listen to her stories. He had fallen in love with her stories and her beauty.

          Shruthi wanted to run away but she couldn’t leave her brothers and also she was worried about what the society will say about her if they heard she ran away. She had no choice but to marry him.

          She got married in misery. The only thought that was on her mind when she was getting married is that her dreams are crushed in to million pieces.

          After marriage, her husband told her that he fell in love with her stories and her beauty. When she heard that he had fallen in love with her stories, thousands of butterflies began to flutter in her stomach, her face beamed with happiness.

 He helped her develop her stories and publish them so the whole world could fall in love with her stories like he did. Few years later she was one the famous writers in the world. Shruthi had fulfilled her dreams!


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