Falling for a Work Mate

Work MateFalling for a Work Mate


They have been working together for nearly three years now and yet, Kaveri has never looked at Aathi as anything more than a work mate.  Although they worked in the same department, Kaveri hardly ever talked to Aathi except when necessary.  It was always about work when it came to their relationship.


Actually, Kaveri was the quiet type.  She never joins them whenever their work mates would go clubbing or go on trips to the countryside.  She’d rather stay home with a good book instead of cavorting with the men at work or chatting with the girls from the office.


These traits are what attracted Aathi to Kaveri.  He liked the way she handled herself – always poised, well-mannered and well-dressed.  She is someone any guy would be proud to bring home to meet the family.  She is the ideal woman any man would want to marry.


He’s been pining for her for far too long.  It’s about time that he let to her know how he truly feels about her.  After almost three years of silently loving her, Aathi determined that, once and for all, he will find out if Kaveri could love him the same way that he loves her.


“Tonight, I will ask her out for dinner and profess my love for her.”  Aathi promised himself.  “Tonight, I will find out if she loves me, too!”


Finally, mustering enough courage to go up to Kaveri, he asked if she was free for dinner that night.  He couldn’t believe his ears when she said that she’d be glad to have dinner with him. 


“At last!” Kaveri said to herself.  “Aathi finally noticed me.”


Little did they know that they have been hiding their true feelings for each other all the years that they’ve been working together.  As the day turned into night, both Aathi and Kaveri were secretly anticipating their first date – a first of many others, for the rest of their lives if the heavens permit.


As it turned out, the more that they talked well into the night, the more they found out how much they have in common.  Before the night ended, they talked about going out again the following night.  Who knows?  Tomorrow night could lead into the next night and the next and the next for the rest of their lives.


And as he walked her to her door, he gently leaned forward to plant a kiss on her lips.  Aathi and Kaveri found out that falling for a work mate isn’t so bad after all.

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