Falling In Love and Out of Love

Falling In Love and Out of Love


Ashwin and Geetha can’t believe just how lucky they are.  After years of hoping and praying for love to come their way, they finally found each other, and they couldn’t be happier.  The heady, dizzying sensation of falling in love is so exciting and exhilarating in the first few months that they’ve been together, and it seemed like they would always feel this way for the rest of their lives.


Little did they know that once the novelty has worn off and the romance has abated, the true test of love will find its way into their fragile relationship?  The changes came in gradual trickles.  Ashwin started spending more time at work, while Geetha started resenting Ashwin’s determination to get ahead in his career.


When before Ashwin’s focus on his goals was something Geetha admired and loved about him, this same trait became the reason why she now questions his love for her.  In like manner, Ashwin started resenting Geetha’s tendency to always check up on him wherever and whenever.


He used to love the fact that she always wants to be with him and how she fixes her schedule so that she has more time for him.  Now, he can’t stand the way she’s always in his face.  He wished she had other stuff to do instead of always just wanting to be with him 24/7.  She’s getting to be too clingy, and it’s boring him.


“Can you please find something else to do instead of always nagging me about not spending all my time with you?”  Ashwin said during one of their endless arguments.


“You used to always want to be with me!”  Geetha cried out.


This kind of argument is now commonplace in their relationship.  In fact, it seems that all they ever do nowadays every time they’re together is to get on each other’s nerves and argue all the time.


“What happened to us?”  Geetha silently asked him on night.


“We grew up.  We fell out of love.”  Ashwin painfully answered.


“So this is goodbye?”  Geetha asked again.


“I guess it is.”  Whispered Ashwin.


Painfully but with hope burning in their hearts, they said their final goodbyes with the promise that should their paths cross again and they find themselves falling in love all over again, that they would make it work the second time around.


Maybe they just need to grow apart in order to find each other again someday.


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