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Love at First Sight (Tamil Short Story)

Love at First Sight


Love can be found in the most unlikely places, the parking lot for one.


Ram was waiting in line to pay for the groceries he bought when the old woman behind him started talking to him.  He was not one to enjoy conversations, especially not now that his mind is on other things as he had a deadline to finish and he only has about five hours to finish the whole article.  But the old woman kept on talking to him.  Wanting to be courteous but irritated at the same time, he answered her in short sentences.  But that did not deter the old woman.  Finally, he paid for his groceries, but she still stopped him.


“Young man,” she said, “Please help me with my groceries.  I’ve bought a lot, you see, and my niece is waiting by the car.  I can’t possibly carry all these things myself!”


Cursing silently, he nodded, his mind still on his deadline.  On top of his worries to go home and start with the article, he was now praying that the cashier do his job quickly so he can help her load her items to her niece’s car.  At last, she was done paying with her groceries.  He took two of the bags but found out too late that she had a lot more to carry.


“Are they all yours?” he asked, miffed.


“Yes,” she answered sheepishly, “My niece is home, and I wanted to cook her a special dinner.  I guess I got carried away and bought a lot.  Most, I probably will not use anyway.”


“Well, let’s go then,” he said.


As he was carrying what seems like a hundred bags, they went to the parking lot.  A car was waiting there for them with a young woman about his age sitting behind the wheel.


“That’s my niece,” the old woman said proudly.  “She’s really beautiful.  I want you to meet her.”


He grunted his reply.  “Beautiful or not,” he thought, “I have a deadline to finish.”


When they approached the car, the young woman got out to help them load the groceries.  And yes, she was indeed a very beautiful woman.


“Beautiful, isn’t she?” the old woman persisted, especially when she noticed the stunned look on his face.


He nodded his response.  She really is beautiful.


“Mathu,” the old woman said, “This young man here is very kind to me.  Come and meet him.”


Mathu approached them, extending a hand.


When Ram took it, it was soft.  “Well, to hell with the deadline,” he thought as he felt the stirrings of emotions he never felt before.

  1. 21 Responses to “Love at First Sight (Tamil Short Story)”

  2. this is very usful

    By siva on Feb 6, 2009

  3. Well Yes it is quite a good tamil story but I nedd some fire in the story. I am sorry if it is a true story that you are trying to share here but it is too dry. When we look around we see a lot of women who are beautiful and good looking, Well it depends which beauty you want to fall in love with. It is your choice and your soul that you want to follow.

    By Hi on Jun 21, 2009

  4. Nice but too boring

    By Sam on Nov 24, 2010

  5. romba kevalama iruku . idhellam oru kadhaya?

    By arun on Feb 9, 2011

  6. this story is good but still add some more cute things which make the readers to feel the presence in story….

    By kavi on Feb 15, 2011

  7. Very bore… There is no life in your story

    By Sandy on Feb 18, 2011

  8. Nice story siva

    By Sindhu on Jun 21, 2011

  9. hi
    dis was an accidental feel which made incidental by that granny
    a heaven in hell
    enjoy the memories and have relax life without tension of those deadlines

    By kayal on Jul 7, 2011

  10. its has gud story to all.

    By swathy on Sep 2, 2011

  11. beauty is not our face.

    By swathy on Sep 2, 2011

  12. This is good for infants instead of crow and doughnut stories. No romance, no emotions just words- hell with the author

    By real critic on Sep 4, 2011

  13. Nice story! Can anybody tell me the name of the person who wrote it?
    Thanks in advance!

    By Armin on Sep 27, 2011

  14. This is a eng stry

    By R.lakshmanan on Oct 13, 2011

  15. you can do more than this. :)

    By ronnie on Nov 8, 2011

  16. yes, i appreciate your ability but your words are not expressive.I do believe in love at first sight.

    By sana on Dec 1, 2011


    By ahmimah on Dec 27, 2011

  18. better luck next time……

    By kalaiarasan on May 30, 2012

  19. Appreciations for your attempt! But this story contains nothing…….emotions,love,expressions,feelins,
    sentiment,sensation……etc… Only a two line poem can have all these, so this also can. I will not discourage you! Try youe best you can!!!!

    By Maahi on Sep 27, 2012

  20. well its nyc to read tis story but its not a love its just an affection thatsal…. because i wont believe in first love … love is a great thing its ly come wen both havin a lesure tym on chattin , understanding,etc but story was nyc … i lyked it a lot

    By manogar on Dec 10, 2012

  21. very to mach story

    By masanam on Mar 13, 2013

  22. nice story but its boring

    By suji on Apr 13, 2013

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