Santhipu! ( Tamil Short Story )


The meeting


“Sorry!” they both said hurriedly and looked away in embarrassment. They didn’t look where they were turning and their heads collided, not knowing what to do they walked away in the opposite direction unable to face each other.


Suruthi smiled to her self as she thought once again of that incident, with out realising that she was on a packed train full of people. She was only close to him for a second but even then she managed to take in the sweet smell of his aftershave, from then onwards she could not help thinking of him and that incident. It had made a permanent mark in her heart.


As Suruthi sat on that train to continue her long journey, she began thinking of their first meeting. She remembers him walking into the room that she was in; though she noticed that he was new she did not paying much attention to him. It was only on their second meeting that she was drawn to him and his sense of humour; having had the opportunity to sit opposite him she was watching his every move with her eagle eyes. He was a cheerful guy, always full of energy; every one liked him as he always made him self known. He had his way with everyone, what she really liked about him was that he would help anyone, unlike some guys who would just mind their own business. Children also seemed to be drawn to him; Suruthi was amused to notice how easily he tuned into child when playing with them. It was inevitable for her to think that he would make a good father. By not talking to him and simply watching and hearing about him she began to understand him in depth, this may not have happened if she was able to talk to him as she would have been influenced by what he says. She feels that even if his character may not be perfect she knows him properly. He had all the qualities that she always looked for in a guy in addition to that he seemed to have made a good impression on her parents.

Suruthi couldn’t help but think of him every waking minute, even in her dreams he would torment her.  There was one problem, even though she liked him she doesn’t know if he has thought of her in that way. She also new a nice guy like him would be attractive to every girl not just her self, so she new that there is a chance that he could already be taken. Still, she laid trust in her love and believed that if her love was true then eventually they will unite. She knows the route that he takes to work and when her train passes the interchange station she would look out of the window hoping to at least catch a glimpse of him, but knowing her luck this never happened, but she never gave up she was strong minded. She even took the same journey as him to see if there was any chance of her meeting him, but neither luck nor coincidence worked for her, but this was usual for Suruthi as she was used to disappointment.



Today was no different, it was just a typical morning journey, she braced her self as the station drew near and pleaded with god as usual, and as the station arrived she glued her eyes outside the window hoping to see her beloved. As she heard the usual service announcement she grew disappointed again, as the doors closed once more on her life. She now stared at the floor and thought miserably of her luck. This was why she was startled when she felt a tap on her shoulder; she shuddered as she turned around her heart raced like never before, could it be? If only! Slowly she turned around bracing her self expecting anything. To her amazement and disappointment it was her high school friend that she lost contact with, she didn’t know weather to be happy or sad, she greeted her friend comforting her self that there is always tomorrow.


Santhipu meendum thodarum…



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