True love will live forever!

true love will live foreverMeena and Prakash have been best friends since they were children. Meena couldn’t live without Prakash and Prakash can’t live without Meena. They did everything together.


Prakash left their country home and settled in the city because prakash’s dad got a better job. Yet they still stayed in contact with each other. Every week they wrote letter to each other.


          Prakash soon fell in love with Meena. Her letter made him feel loved and wanted. Her cuteness and her child like   personality made him want to spend the rest of his life with her. He was sure she would make a good wife and a companion. His love for her grew but he didn’t know whether to tell her. He was scared that their friendship will break.


          Meena however, started to get butterflies in her stomach when she heard that there is a letter for her from Prakash. Her face began to glow of happiness. She didn’t understand why she felt like this. Everything that she looked at reminded her of Prakash.


          Prakash wrote a letter to Meena telling her he is coming to see her. Meena was over the moon. She couldn’t wait to see him. Prakash was nervous but delighted to go and see his friend.


          The day arrived. Prakash and Meena met each other at the lake where they used to play. Their eyes met but they turned away quickly as sudden shyness took over. They both didn’t know what to say.


          After 3 hours of silence, Prakash said good bye to Meena and left. Meena wanted to stop him but words would not come out. So she began to cry. As she was about to leave she saw a card and bunch of red roses. She slowly opened the card. Prakash left a card saying how he felt about her. Meena began to cry again but of happiness. She turned around to go home and there he was standing with a smile that melted her heart.

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