Untraditional Love

Untraditional love


Suja is a rich girl who grew up abroad.  Her family left for America when she was just five years old.  They lived a privileged life in the United States.  Although she grew up with Western influences, her parents also imbued in her traditional Indian values.


Aravin, on the other hand, grew up in his native India, and he has never been abroad.  He has never been anywhere actually.  He just stayed in the city he grew up in and never went away on trips.  He can only speak his native tongue, and his values and views on life are all typical of any young man living in his country.


When Suja finished school, she volunteered in social work.  She loved helping people, especially children who are lost, who have been abused, homeless and those that have lost all interest in living.  She was good at it, too.


Her social work brought her back to India – a place she can hardly remember.  She was saddened by the plight of the young children she saw on the streets.  During her social mission, she met Aravin.  At first, they couldn’t get along because he didn’t welcome her Western ideas, and she, likewise, didn’t like his old-school ways.


But their love for children and their volunteer work soon brought them closer.  He saw that her ideas were workable, and she understood that he only wanted the children to feel comfortable around them, hence, his refusal to include ways that are foreign to them.


During their free time, he would take her to the local café’s and restaurants and introduced her to exotic dishes she only heard of back in America.  She started falling for him, and he started loving her secretly.


One night, after having dinner in her apartment, he kissed her.  They were sitting together in front of the television, having coffee, when she turned her head to look at him, and he just kissed her softly on the lips.


“I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have done that.”  He softly apologized.  “I must go.”


“Adhavan,” she said touching his arm to stop him from leaving.  “Don’t go.”


Still standing, his back turned from her, he told her that he has fallen in love with her.  He knows it’s impossible because they are from two different worlds.  Reaching out to hold his hand, she told him that she felt the same way.  That night, he stayed.  That night, they are not from different worlds.  That same night, they bridged the gap and simply let love in, traditional it may be or not.

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