Waiting for Love

Waiting for LoveWaiting for Love


Kavitha and Kanthan were childhood best friends, but now that they’re both teenagers, they have drifted apart, each with their own circle of friends who are as different as day and night.


          One day, Muthu, best friend of Kanthan, asked Kavitha out, and she agreed.  And one date led to another that, pretty soon, Muthu and Kavitha were now considered a couple.


Kanthan never thought anything about his childhood best friend going out with his new best friend.  He was, in fact, glad that Muthu found a real lady for a girlfriend.  And anyway, he and Kavitha no longer have anything in common, save for some childhood memories that were forgotten already.


It was during the prom night though that his opinion about the two changed.  Kavitha was dressed exquisitely in a lovely gown the color of the softest pink, her curly hair up with wavy tendrils cascading down the sides of her face and nape.  It was then that Kanthan realized how much Kavitha has grown.  She has no longer the girl in pigtails with snoot running down her nose.  She was this beautiful woman that literally took his breath away.  He resisted the ugly horns of jealousy as he saw Muthu and Kavitha dancing together, so Kanthan turned away.


From then on, Kanthan avoided the couple, in fear that Muthu might recognize what Kanthan is starting to feel for Kavitha.  But one night, Muthu had a terrible accident that left him in a coma.  They were told that Muthu might never wake up again.


He stayed by his best friend’s side, giving moral support to Muthu and his family, but throughout the ordeal, he was battling his own battle as Kavitha was always there, holding on to Muthu’s hand and crying helpless tears at the sad fate of her boyfriend.  But his resolve not to get involved with her finally melted as he touched her shoulder comfortingly.  She turned to Kanthan and wept bitter tears, which promptly melted his heart and made him love her more.  But, of course, he will never betray Muthu’s trust in him.  He will be her friend, he said, just a friend.


At midnight the next day, Muthu passed away.  His family and friends cried for their loss, especially Kavitha.  Kanthan had no choice but to comfort Kavitha during her grieving, who was very distraught.  Their relationship went on like that for months, Kanthan being the shoulders she could cry on.  One day, Kanthan can no longer endure not telling her, so he gathered the courage to tell her how he feels.  Kavitha listened, astonishment in her eyes then finally tenderness and remembrance.


“I’ve always loved you, Kanthan,” she admitted, “But please wait, wait for me.  I’m not yet ready.”


Kanthan, heart singing in joy, said, “I’ll wait.”


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