A Rabbit And Turtle Story

A rabbit and Turtle storySome time ago, there were two friends in a jungle: a Rabbit and a Turtle. Both of them belonged to different breads, yet they managed to share similar views and so came up as the closest friends. Rabbit was a fast creature, perhaps; he kept jumping here and there according to his habits while Turtle used to rest on a place most of the time.

Though both of them were good friends, but occasionally, they fought over an issue. Rabbit always tried to prove him correct, while turtle was an intelligent animal that loves to maintain the reality, not fictions. Time passed by and their friendship grown as the perfect one, even other animals often felt jealous looking at their close relations, despite of their breads.

One day, both turtle and rabbit were arguing over a topic when a fox passed near by. Fox looked at both of them and decided to intervene between them to resolve their issue. But rabbit was not ready to surrender his point, and said he is correct, while Turtle was also not wrong on his facts. So, Fox decided to settle their fight via a race where both of them had to run through the nearby river, and whoever reach there first, will be the best; hence his opinions would be presumed correct. Firstly, Turtle was disagreed for an uneven playing field, coz he was slow by nature while rabbits are known for their speed and activeness. When rabbit provoked him, he agreed and fox decided to act as an umpire for their coming race.

Race began, and both started from their marked point to reach the river. River was almost five miles away, and rabbit quickly covered the half way mark. Turtle was moving very slowly, but consistently. Rabbit thought, he was far ahead of turtle, so he should take a rest for a while. He assumed, he could always trace turtle, even if he crossed him when he’s sleeping. But unfortunately, he slept longer than expected, and turtle, moving slowly, slowly, bypassed him, perhaps; he almost reached to the river when rabbit woke up and saw turtle reaching the river.

He jumped around faster and faster but could only reach the river second to Turtle. Fox looked at both of them surprisingly and told the rabbit that he lost the race. Even rabbit felt guilty for his overconfidence, and eventually congratulated turtle for his consistence race and promised him he will never ever underestimate anyone. 

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