An Optimistic Donkey Story

An Optimistic DonkeySomewhere in eastern India, a man used to live with his Donkey. They supplemented each other absolutely, coz man earned his livelihood coz of Donkey, and in return; Donkey used to get nice food.

They lived in a village full of population, and these two were the main source of weight carriage from one place to other. Habitually, Donkeys are treated like dupes, but on the contrary; this Donkey was intelligent and having good personality, too. Basically, village was not that large, perhaps; it was a small village full of crowd. The only source of water there was a well, which happens to be in the far East-border of the village.

So, people used to load drinking water from a distanced place, and often they also carried a load with them. Donkey used to keep busy all the day carrying various heavy supplies.

One day, the Donkey was alone near well since his master went with his friend to pick up their common friend. Donkey decided to look into the well coz of his curiosity to find where well brings so much of water from. Doing so, Donkey leaned towards the centre too much, and suddenly fell down into the well.

Well was too deep for him to top up without any help. His master returned very soon and shocked to see him inside the well. He also tried everything to carry him out, but could not succeed coz well was too deep.

It was the hot day, and when his master and other villagers couldn’t help him out, they decided to throw some cool dust to save Donkey from hot surroundings. So, they poured a large quantity of dry mud inside the well, but surprisingly, Donkey shook off his back, and dust mixed up with the water. Similarly, villagers poured too much of dust to cover all the water of the well. Perhaps, now Donkey was also came up a little bit.

His master and villagers found a way to bring him up and pour more dry sand inside the well. At a point Donkey reached to a level where his master could easily pick his up. With his intelligence and cleverness, Donkey saved his life that was almost lost by his master and other villagers. So, this story tells us we should never leave the hope. It’s our give up that cost us our battle not our potentials. So, never stop until the last moment of your life.

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