Birbal’s Khichdi

Birbal's KhichdiAkbar and Birbal are two most happening fantasy characters in Indian mythological arena. One of their most popular stories is Birbal’s Khichdi, which happens to be a standard for many. Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar a.k.a. Akbar was the Mughal emperor in sixteen centuries. Out of his many advisers, Birbal was the Grand Vizier in Akbar’s Mughal court.

Birbal happened to be the smart and intelligent among all. One day; Akbar and Birbal were moving in Mughal’s royal garden where there was a lake full of cold water, perhaps, water was so cold that Akbar could not dig his hand into the water for more than few minutes. Akbar, curiously asked Birbal, “how long a human being can keep his hand in the coldest water for money?” Birbal, after feeling the water’s coldness on his hand, replied, “No one sir! No one is willing to spend a time in this kind of cold water for any amount of money.” Akbar immediately announced that whoever spends a whole night in his lake would be rewarded by one thousand gold coins, and he appointed Birbal to find a willing man to take this challenge.

Searching around several days, Birbal finally found a poor guy who was not even able to fulfill his basic needs coz of his patchiness. In return of some gold coins, he agreed to spend a whole night in the cold water without caring of his life. Akbar surprised to see how Birbal manages to find a person to spend a whole night in a damn cold water.

Anyway, challenge proceeded, and the poor guy was asked to spend one night in the water. Next morning; everyone was surprised to see poor guy successfully spent the whole night in the water, and so, claimed his prize coins. Akbar bizarrely asked the poor guy, “How did you mange to spend a whole nigh in cold water?” Poor man replied, “I kept watching a hot light source placed at a distance place of the lake, and so; I forgot the coldness of the water.” Akbar denied the prize money on the ground of cheating done by the poor guy. Birbal listened everything carefully but kept himself quiet.

Next day, Akbar and Birbal both went on a hunt in the jungle where Birbal was appointed to prepare Akbar’s favourite Khichdi. Akbar kept waiting for Khichdi whole night but Birbal did not serve him, and so; he asked the reason for this delay. Birbal showed Akbar his place of preparation of Khichdi where a pot was placed at too distance from the flame source, and no heat had actually been reaching the pot. Akbar asked Birbal, “How did you imagine that Khichdi can be cooked at too distanced flam source?” Birbal replied, “In a same way as poor guy got the heat from a distanced light source whole night!” Akbar realized his fault and rewarded poor guy his deserving reward money.

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