Helping Hands

Long time ago, there was a boy who used to travel long inside a jungle for fun. Since his family was living nearby for long, he did not afraid of moving within a jungle, perhaps, it was his daily routine to go inside the jungle and collect some useful playing material.


One day, when he was passing by the jungle, he collected some woods and continued walking. After some time, in the middle of the jungle, he saw an old man who was very thirsty and asking for anyone who could offer him some water.


Boy wanted to help him, but since he had no water, he continues moving in the jungle. While going, 

Helping Hands

he was thinking if could manage to bring some water for old man who desperately needed water. Moving further, he saw a bear who was very hungry and crying for food. Bear had become so weak that he could not even stand on his feet, coz of his long hunger. Boy looked everywhere nearby, but could not find any food source to offer to bear, hence he moved again.


Boy was feeling very guilty for not been able to help old man and bear that needed his help desperately. Anyways, he went deep inside the jungle where he saw a family who lived there. The family needed some woods to use as fuel for their food preparations.


Boy was having some woods, which he collected in the beginning. So, he offered his woods to the family, who used them as fuel and prepared food for their family members. Since, boy gave them much needed woods, family offered him some food and water to take back with him. Boy happily accepted family’s gifted food and water, and quickly moved back to old man and bear.


Both old man and bear were surprised to see boy carrying some food and water for them. Boy gave water to old man and food to bear, and both of them could eventually save their lives coz of boy’s kind support.


One day, boy was again passing by the jungle when he suddenly fell down for a hill. The family, who gave him food and water, saw him falling, and they jumped for his immediate needed help. Old man and bear, who had been helped by the boy, came together to save his life.


Bear quickly collected some herbs for boy’s deep wounds, and old man bandaged boy’s wounds. Soon, boy recovered from his injuries and thanked family, bear, and old man for their instant help. Hence, in our real life, too, if we help others, others will also come forward and help us.

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