Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes PerfectLong time ago, a man lived in a small town named: Kalki, he was a strong man since his childhood, but an accident made him almost paralyzed. Yet, he undergone thorough surgeries and somehow manages to recover from his stroke, but he became weak and sick for rest of his life.

Doctors advised him not to do heavy work if he wants to live longer. Since, he was once a strong man, he felt very miserable on having a changed life altogether. One day, he decided to live his life thoroughly and joined a Judo learning center to gain some body power and strength. Though, he was advised not to do these kinds of things, yet he got admitted into a Chennai based Judo school to learn Judo fighting skills. His teacher was an experienced one, and he understood his condition on first look itself. Anyways, he started his training session and asked him to practice one move continuously. Man started training teacher’s referred move, and practiced it for next several weeks.

On getting enough confidence with the move, he asked his teacher to teach him more Judo moves, but teacher again asked him to continue with the given move for some more time. Man could not understand why he has been asked to continue the same move again. Anyhow, he again practiced the move for next several months this time. Teacher used to continuously monitor him throughout his practice sessions.

One day, a local Judo competition was organized in a nearby area, and teacher asked the man to participate in the event. Man was still not confident of his win, yet on teacher’s say, he participated in the competition that was going to be started very soon.

Competition began, and man was asked to fight with his first opponent, and surprisingly, won the battle easily! Man did not believe his first win, yet celebrated his first win of the competition. Going further, man also won next few matches with his well-practiced Judo move.

He could not believe what is happening to him, and how he is continuously winning all matches. Eventually, final match was played between him and another big Judo champion who was supposed to be a well-trained and experienced Judo fighter. Final match began, and man lost the first round easily. Referee asked him to surrender coz his opponent was stronger than him. But, his teacher asked him to continue and also motivated him to win. Unpredicted to everyone, and won the match, finally! Teacher finally gave him the last lesson: “Doesn’t matter how many moves you know, the only thing that matters is how better you’ve practices them.” Now, man understood why he has been continuously asked to practice a single Judo move!

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