A Blessing in Disguise ( Tamil Short Story)

blessing_in_disguiseA Blessing in Disguise


(Short story took place in London England) She had been sitting behind the wheel for the last hour.  Traffic was terrible and she had to call to cancel her meeting with a client explaining that the traffic was impossible, and she could take hours before reaching her destination.


Trying to be calm and collected, she hummed along with the song playing on her radio.  It was a hot day and the air conditioning in her car wasn’t working properly, hence, she could feel beads of sweat on her forehead.


Santhi is one of the top sales agents in her company, and the client she was supposed to meet was a prospective buyer.  He wasn’t only interested in buying their products, but he wanted a long-term arrangement to make them a steady supplier for a business he was putting up.


She decided to stop at a nearby restaurant and wait out the traffic.  Even if she got home late, it was a better alternative than wasting too much gasoline in traffic and getting stiff legs from driving.


She was quietly sipping her cold coffee when she heard a man ask if he could share a seat with her.  Realizing the restaurant was full perhaps because a lot of people opted to stay out of traffic, too, she agreed to share her table with the strange man.


“Thank you.”  The man said.  “I’m new in town, and I can’t believe traffic can get this bad here.”  He lightly said.


“Traffic at this time is not usually bad.”  Santhi replied.  “I’m Santhi, by the way.”


“Hi, my name’s Kannan.  Do you know of any place that’s quite affordable that I can stay at?”  He inquired.  “I’m afraid the apartment I rented out wouldn’t be ready for the next two weeks at least.”


As she gave suggestions on where he could stay and they discussed which one is the best place to stay in, they also made small talk about where he came from and what they both did for a living.


Before the night was over, they agreed to meet again the day after next for lunch in the same restaurant.


Santhi wasn’t looking for love when she met Kannan.  In fact, she has sworn off men after her last breakup.  It has been two years since that ugly breakup, and she never again considered dating.  But maybe Fate had other plans for her.  Maybe she wasn’t supposed to spend the rest of her life bitter and alone.


Whatever happens with this strange man, she’s willing to give love another try.

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