An Ailing Lion Story

An Ailing Lion story Long time ago, a lion used to live in his cave inside a jungle. Since the lion had been living there for many years, he had become very old. Perhaps, he became too weak to kill anyone for his survival.

Lions are big animals, so they need food frequently. Lion, being an oldie, was not able to hunt down any animal, and so; he became very weak and thin. Lion thought his end was nearby, and he should either die being as it is, or he should follow a different approach for his hungry stomach.

So, he clicked with an idea. He thought if he pretends himself to be an ailing lion, everyone would come to him for wishing him a better health, and he can easily kill him or her and fulfill his hunger. Since, the idea was workable for him easily; he started implementing on it immediately.

He pretended himself to be a deeply ailing lion and started crying for help. Many of his neighbours  who knew him for long, came forward and asked about his health. Lion used to invite them inside his cave, and killed them one by one.

Lion could mange to continue his fake ailing drama for next couple of months, perhaps, he became much healthier and strong to find his prey himself, but he turned too lazy to do any hard work, and he planned to continue his lifestyle in a similar way where he had been getting food doing no hard work at all!

One day, a fox, who knew lion for long, was passing nearby his cave, and decided to enquire about his health. Foxes are very smart with their nose and sixth sense. Fox stand by the mouth of the cave and used her nose to predict what’s happening inside. She quickly came to know the reality by smelling dead animals inside the cave. So, she decided to remain outside the cave and asked the lion by shouting, “How are you sir?” Lion replied, “Not too well, perhaps, I’m feeling very weak. Could you come inside and help me in getting some water?”

Fox replied, “ No sir, I know what’s happening inside the cave, coz I can see all the footprints are going inside the cave, but none of them is coming outside the cave, so I believe you’re killing everyone who came inside.” Lion stunned.

Fox returned back to the jungle and warned everyone about lion’s strategy to kill his well wishers. Lion finally became the victim of his own destiny and died very soon!

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