Dad’s Blessings short story

BibleThere was a place in Banglore where a rich man used to live with his lone son. His son was good at studies; hence father expected him to be a successful businessman, but on his own – not on father’s support.

Son was very fond of sports cars; perhaps he had dreamed of having a sports car on becoming a graduate someday. Years passed by, and son reached to the final year of his graduation, hence he decided to look around and find a sports car for him, hoping his father would gift it to him when he’d complete his graduation. He found an interesting contemporary sports car with all the features he was looking for.

Suddenly, the day came when he was going to have his graduation degree formally. He took the blessings of his father and went to the college hoping when he would return; his father would offer him a sports car!

He took his graduation degree, and returned to home and told his father that he finally became a graduate and asked his father for his gift. Father proudly grates his son and gave him a gift packed with a shining cover.

Son surprised and opened the pack; he disappointed to see a Bible inside the pack embracing his name in gold. He yelled on his father, “Is this what you gift to me?” He threw the pack and left the home with thorough frustration. He never came back. Many years later he became a successful rich businessman having all the blessings of the life, like a beautiful house, sports car, and other luxuries.

Once, he decided to return to his father, since he was never gone back to his home after his graduation day. Perhaps, before he could go to his home, he got a telegram stating his father has been passed away leaving all his wealth to his son, and so; he has to come back to claim his entire wealth.

Son returned the home and surprised to see that the home was as it is, as it was, when he left it. He curiously searched everywhere and found the bible his father gifted him. He opened it and found a hanging key on the last page of the Bible.

The key was of his favorite sports car he dreamed of on his graduation. Key was along with a note written, “God Bless you my son, Bible is more important that this key, hence I’m attaching key on the last page so you can worth Bible more than car key” Son felt guilty for leaving his father and not honoring his blessings!

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